TThe largest of the Kwik-Loc series with the highest safe work load limit; the KL-600 can be used as a fast and reliable way to suspend services, lighting, and strut. The KL600 works with WC8 Cable. Working load range of 50-1,100 lbs (25-500 kg).

Item# - 30344


The KL200 can be used for suspending heavy loads such as fan coil units and HID lights. The KL200 works with WC6 Cable. Working load range of 50-640 lbs (25-291 kg).

Item# - 30004, 30350


The KL150 is used for hanging duct, cable tray and cable basket, Sound systems, lighting rafts and luminaries, CCTV cameras and secondary supports. The KL150 works with WC4 Cable. Working load range of 25-250 lbs (12-114 kg).

Item# - 30003, 30355


The KL100 was introduced work on most light hanging applications. It can be used to hange fluorscent lights, speakers, busbar and cable tray to name a few. The KL100 works with WC3 Cable. Working load range of 25-150 lbs (12-68 kg).

Item# - 30002, 30347, 30351


The KL75 can be used as a solution for lightweight lighting and signage applications. The KL75 works with WC2 Cable. Working load range of 10-75 lbs (5-34 kg).

Item# - 30044, 30042, 30343


The KL50 can be used as a solution for lightweight hanging applications. Signs, lighting and gallery displays are the perfect applications for this size cable lock. The KL50 works with WC1 Cable.
Working load range of 5-35 lbs (3-10 kg).

Item# - 30001, 30370


Key Parts

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  • ZInc Housing

    One piece die cast Zinc alloy combines major anti-corrosion properties with strength and consistent manufacturing quality.

    Locking Wedges

    An oil impregnated sintered steel locking wedge is seated in each of two channels. Both wedges incorporate a release pin for easy adjustment. Each wedge makes contact with the cable using serrated teeth. These teeth press onto the cable and spread the load across the length of the wedge, maximuzing grip strength.

    Stainless Steel Springs

    Each spring is manufactured of stainless steel and assures initial engagement of the locking wedge to the wire rope.

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